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- cover -




stencil, acrylic spray


stencil, acrylic spray,

installation view

Univerity of Sulaimani



36. Dokfest Kassel 2019,

overhead projection on window, transparent



cover are fragments of thoughts and feelings of a young Kurdish society in transition.


With the DAAD scholarship 2018,

Aksakal planned and developed the project Concepts of Critique together with students from University of Sulaimani.


Through mutual exchange, they decided to design a critical survey with questions and content ranging from intercultural issues, as well as social conflicts, to political and structural problems.

In the process of evaluation and translation, they obtained results that show a critical mass seeking a way of expression. They suffer from the oppression of unchangeable norms and values. But the enthusiasm for civil disobedience is aroused.


Aksakal collected the emotions and messages, poeticized them and decides to transfer them to the walls of the University. The facade, damaged by weathering, embodies with the text an allegory of uncovering and revealing inner needs, questions and attitudes. Some of them are very controversial and questionable, so that the reader has to recapitulate in passing what they just read.