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- urns -



installation view

Botticino marble, mirror

dimensions variable, Edition of 10 + 3AP




The manual and technical reproduction of a artwork, is the transition from the auratic to the technically reproducible object. Through the reproduction of the artwork, its "material duration" and also the "historical testimony" based on it are deprived of the humans. The sacred mountains, to which magical energies were already attributed in traditions, today have a functional, aesthetic and decorative purpose. The work of art loses its unique material existence in favor of numerous identical copies that cannot show an individual "life story" like the original.


The urns are serial products and largely differ  in their marbling. The natural composition in the stone cannot be detected by the fully automated CNC technology, so the human makes the decision in case of aesthetic errors caused by the machine. These are marked in the specific place, declared as unmarketable and smashed beyond recognition into a thousand splinters.